What do I need to provide to get started?
To get your order going, you'll need to provide us with ink color choices and shirt specifications (quantity, color, style and sizes). This gives us the necessary information to provide you with an accurate quote. From there we ask that you email your final artwork to us and submit an inital deposit of 50% of the quoted cost of your order.

How long will my order take?
All orders will be ready for pick up or delivery 2 weeks after final artwork and initial deposit payment are received.

How should I submit my artwork?
We prefer that you email your artwork to us in digital format. This digital file should to be actual size and high resolution (300dpi, please avoid using images taken from the internet). We accept the following file formats: .psd, .jpg, .tif, .ai & .pdf. We will also accept artwork on paper as well. Please be aware that if this 2D artwork requires extensive manipulation to prepare for screen printing a small fee may apply.

Do I pay at the start of end of the order?
With screen printing, it is an industry standard to pay 50% of your total order cost up front and provide the final 50% upon delivery.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Check, Money Order and PayPal payments. If you'd like to pay for your order with a credit or debit card feel free to send it through PayPal to "payments@boxcarprinting.com".

How will I get my order?
We are proud to offer free delivery for all of our customers in the Pittsburgh PA area. You are also always welcome to pick up your order at our location and we'll give you a quick tour of the shop. For customers outside of the Pittsburgh area, we'll ship your order out via UPS. (Shipping charges will apply)

Can I get specialty shirts like jerseys, tank tops or hoodies?
Yes! We have access to a wide variety of garments and can print on almost any type of fabric. Specialty items tend to cost a bit more than a standard t-shirt but we'll be happy to work with you to get exactly what you want and keep pricing reasonable.

Can I provide my own shirts?
Sure. If you already have the garments on hand for printing, go ahead and email us the artwork and we'll get back to you with a "print-only" price quote and go from there.

Do you print on anything besides t-shirts?
Of course! We can print on almost any type of fabric, including hats, sweatpants, patches, promo bags, etc. We also print on paper. We love doing posters for concerts and have been known to do menus and invitations on special occasions. Give us a ring to get a quote on poster printing!

Do you charge screen fees?
No, we do not charge a per-screen fee for mutli-color print jobs. We also do not charge an extra film fee on top of said screen fees. What we do to reduce the excessive charges that are infamous to the screen printing industry is simply apply a $20.00 flat fee per job. This small fee helps to offset the cost that we incur for incoming shipping of shirts and chemicals necessary to the process. We're not here to ruin your day with traumatizing sticker shock, we're here to rock.

Does black count as a color?
Yes it does. The screen printing process is different from laser or inkjet printing and copying. It is an art that requires each color to be applied separately, so even if your artwork only uses black as an outline element, it still needs to be on it's own screen and printed separately from the other colors.

Why does each additional ink color increase my per shirt cost?
Each color that is printed needs it's own screen to be prepared for application. So a 4 color job will require 4 screens to be prepared, and the shirt will undergo 4 impressions to achieve the final multi-color image. Whereas, a 1 color job is much simpler and requires less labor, preparation and materials.

What is an "ink color change" fee, and why do I have to pay for it?
Ink color change fees are the only fee that we feel is actually necessary to charge extra for. If you'd like 1/2 of your shirts to be printed in red and 1/2 in blue, mid-job we will need to completely clear the screen of all red ink, retape the screen, reapply blue ink and continue with the job. A low $5 charge covers the labor and supplies to have a color variation in your order.

Never placed a screen printing order before?
Check out our "Get Started" page here and see how the whole process works from a customers point of view. Call us if you have any questions : 412-904-3458.

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